Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picking Up Where We Left Off... (finale)

That first weekend was a great chance to get settled in, to read, and to catch up on music and things. I was without internet, and I didn't care to venture out for too long because the heat became overwhelming and I poured sweat. But I did make it out to explore, and relax, and generally have a good time. I was trying to get acclimated; I wanted to find my way around and become familiar. I wanted to be seen as much as I wanted to see-- the faster I become a part of life here, the better. I wanted (and still want as of the time of this writing) to be accepted into life here as a part of my village. And I believe I will be, more and more. I honestly do.

Monday and Tuesday of my second week (First full week. I came in on a Wednesday) was spent in Tottori city on a combination sightseeing tour/training session. We spent some more hours getting the details on our new jobs, then we hit up a rooftop beer garden. Even though it had been raining steadily all day, it was great to mix in and make new friends with the JETs in my area. This was another all you can eat/drink event. I retired after the buffet, rather than spend the night at karaoke, partly because I am lame and partly because I wanted to use the internet on my laptop to check in for the first time in days, rather than listen to a bunch of my drunk new friends belt out songs. My decision turned out to be a wise one when I spoke to my compatriots the next morning. They were extremly hung over and generally in poor spirits. This is a shame, because we had to troop through some more training, then a boat ride, and then the sand dunes. And if I understand things correctly, it is difficult to have fun on a boat when you're hung over.

At least if you're gonna hurl you have something nice to look at.
In any event, I took some pictures of the fantastic scenery and generally had a wonderful time out on the ocean. The sand sculptures were amazing, and I got to walk into the ocean for the first time in well over a decade, which was a thrill for me since I've wanted to see the ocean again for a long time now. 

This is what precocious young Japanese kids do when given a sandbox and roughly half an hour.

I picked up some omiyage for the folks back home in Chizu to try and help smooth things over, found my train, and turned my steps toward my futon with the smiling feeling that even though I've travelled many many miles and seen many strange and new things, the sun is still only rising for me.

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